Before my session, I constantly felt in the verge of tears, unable to let go of my emotions and my past. During my session with Kristen, I was able to release the tears and sorrow trapped in my body for years. I had a similar experience during a hypnotherapy session with another provider, but during my session with Kristen, I felt an out-of-body-within-body experience that I never experienced before. I also was able to identify a past life that I didn't know about, which I did not expect. Immediately after my session, I felt light and floaty. My body and my spirit felt renewed. My spirit feels clean; I can start fresh. Since my session, I have continued to feel more present and light. I feel my connectedness with the universe like I used to when I was a child. I don't feel the need to cry, but if I do, I can cry freely. I can FEEL life as it happens. I am looking forward to my next session.   

-Barby M.


Kristen has great ability to be present and in tune. As a body worker myself, I know this can be challenging. The session reminded me how much I love bodywork and how transformative it can be and it gave me a fresh perspective as to why I do it and continue to do it even after 21 years! And the timing, as usual with these things, was Divine. I hope to receive more sessions from Kristen!

-Lesley N.

I was very sore and overwhelmed when I went to see Kristen. Her calming demeanor and cheerful outlook were UpLifting. I could feel the tension in my joints and muscles melt with her nurturing touch. The stretches felt like they were aligning tendons, muscle, and bone. It was like a great yoga class without any effort. More than that, I was able to reach a place of deep relaxation during the session and enjoy a restful meditative state. I immediately felt better after our time together. Before I went in, I was very swollen and tender. After I left, the swelling went down in my joints and muscles. I slept deeply and felt refreshed when I woke up. I also felt emotionally fortified. I had a lingering chest cold that finally began to break up after. Pains I had before the session in my pelvic floor disappeared. I would recommend working with Kristen to anyone.


I began experiencing cramping and muscle spasms in my calves and feet. Nothing helped. I consider myself open-minded and understand to a degree the mind, body, spirit connection. I assumed it to be a completely physical issue.

Kristen performed a Vedic touch routine. The cramping and spasms have not come back since! I am amazed at the turn of events. I can ride 20 miles or so 2-3 times week along with other stretch band type exercises along with Kundalini Yoga, and meditation with no cramping.

Working with Kristen was quite an experience, I felt compassion in her touch. Ever since my session I am thinking clearer, more driven towards my goals and more at easeI highly recommend a session with Kristen; I will be back soon!  


I have experienced a number of healing modalities over the years, from massage, reiki, shamanic work, family constellation and more. Thai Vedic bodywork is a unique and different approach. It's a hands-on technique that combines all of these and includes deep movement that reaches stuck energies and releases them. After working with Kristen, I had physical, emotional and mental releases that needed to move. I felt more centered and balanced than I have in a long time. I found the process to be a powerful tool utilizing ancient wisdom. It is a process that is thorough and profound. It is the deepest hidden things that we cannot see in ourselves.

-Sylvia LeDoux

Even though I wasn't familiar with Vedic Thai Touch, I am so glad I bought a session! I was expecting body work, but received so much more. We discussed setting an intention around an old personal issue that had presented itself again. Her gentle and calm words in addition to the Vedic Thai treatment completely released my emotional attachment to an old stimulus. The experience was so extraordinary I immediately bought a session for my husband!