Vedic Thai Therapeutics

A graceful dance of Vedic Thai Assisted Stretching combined with an Integrative Facilitation approach. Testimonials

Vedic Thai Assisted Stretching:  

Also known as Nuad Borarn, a medical folk art that originated in Thailand, it derives from the integration of martial arts and Ayurvedic philosophy.  Vedic Thai involves assisted supportive stretching using a sequence of various poses (asanas) delivered with the intention of Bhakti yoga (loving devotional service) in combination with mantra, pranayam (breathwork), guided visualizations/meditations, Reiki and rhythmic, flowing compressions applied using the hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet with careful attention to Marma points, chakras, Sen lines and areas of muscle stored tension. It is integrated with My knowledge and Wisdom gained from practice in Western medicine and Divine Source connection. You remain fully clothed during a session.  

Integrative Facilitation: 

An integrative approach to support VIBRANT Health, Fulfillment and ENERGY for life! My facilitation approach draws from Eastern (Yoga and Ayurvedic) philosophy, Energetics, Heart Conscious Language, as well as My Wisdom and experience from over 22K patient interactions while practicing Western Medicine.

This IS for You If:

  • You achieve so much, yet something always seems to be missing;

  • You desire to live your life in your greatest and highest potential;

  • You remember Vibrant Health is Your birthright;

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and stuck, looking for answers to move forward with your next chapter in life;

  • You are ready to let go of belief patterns and conditioning that create disharmony in Your Life;

  • You are ready to step into and embrace your greater mission in life.