Touch Is PowerFul


A Physician Assistant for 7 years, in over 22,000 patient interactions across multiple medical disciplines, I remember having a lot of stress and anxiety in the past.  I remember being told then, I am broken and I need pills to fix it.  My heart sang a different song. One of Natural Inner Healing.  

Thus My journey of 5 Layers unfolded: 

Physical -I remember self care and nourishment creates space for Breath, where I remember stillness. In stillness I witness My Mind, where I become aware of My thoughts, and I ReVise them. I remember and trust My Intuition, where My Heart shows Me how to FEEL. In My Feeling, I fully connect deep within Me, where I ReMember My Inner Bliss that is ALWAYS  present in Me. And, with this discovery comes FulFillment, Vibrant Health and Joy in My Life beyond what I can imagine!!

As a Physician Assistant I was blessed to witness first hand, again and again, how PowerFul Touch is for healing. In 2016, it became clear that my purpose is greater than practicing allopathic medicine. I made the decision to walk another path, one of healing through touch. In that moment, I did not yet know “how” I would do it. All I knew was it was time for me to move forward from medicine and My Heart was and still is overflowing with Pure Ecstatic JOY with my decision.

In My experience of many Healing Arts, I came home in Me through Vedic Thai Assisted Yoga. I have created Sacred Touch to bring the Power of Touch to You.

I Am passionate about empowering you to gain clarity & let go of belief patterns that leave you stuck and unfulfilled, to discover your own empowered connection and reclaim your vibrant health!